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Orange County lawyers at the law firm of Russo & Duckworth focus on business disputes, real estate, litigation in business and real estate, general counsel for the construction industry, and providing advise to real estate professionals and their clients.

We hope that you will find our site informative and useful. Our goal is to provide the highest quality litigation services and legal counsel to you and your business in a timely fashion. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how we may be of service.

Successful Litigation Cases

Below are some of our most successful litigation cases we’ve handled:

The following is a representative list of civil litigation cases Scott tried to judgment in the Orange County Superior Court, including the year of the trial and the judge:

  • Alpay v. Alvord, OCSC Case No. 30-2019-01064196 (Judge Walter Schwarm) (2023)
  • America Angel Transportation v. Walz, OCSC 30-2014-00743516 (Judge Randall Sherman) (2018)
  • Pacific Partnership Properties v. Zamani, OCSC Case No. 30-2011-000450640 (Judge Sheila B. Fell) (2012)
  • Caverne Irvine, Inc. v. Zamani, OCSC Case No. 07CC05057 (Judge David T. McEachen)(2008)
  • Spartan Associates v. Humphries, OCSC Case No. 30-2015-00805807 (Judge David R. Chaffee) (2016)
  • Haghighat v. Daneshmand, OCSC Case No. 30-2011-00511037 (Judge Geoffrey Glass) (2017)
  • Lulu v. Floor Systems, Inc., OCSC Case No. 30-20160-0891875 (Judge Theodore Howard) (2018)
  • Moss v. Ginsberg, OCSC Case No. 30-2014-00710345 (Judge James L. Crandall) (2016)
  • Tony Lam v. Tran, OCSC Case No. 30-2014-00713846 (Judge David R. Chaffee) (2016)
  • Velasquez v. USFC, Inc., OCSC Case No. 06CC10675 (Judge Luis Rodriguez) (2011)
  • In Re Vanderpool, OCSC Case No. 30-2014-00743614 (Judge Jamoa Moberly) (2016)
  • Hieu Lam v. Tran, OCSC Case No. 30-2014-00750072 (Judge Mary Fingal Schulte) (2016)
  • Tran v. Lam(X-C), OCSC Case No 30-2014-00750072 (Judge James L. Crandall) (2018)
  • Casella v. Southwest Dealer Services, OCSC Case No.03CC11086 (Judge Thierry P. Colaw) (2005)
  • Vu v. Tran, OCSC Case No. 30-2016 00890914 (Judge Shiela B. Fell) (2017)
  • Evans v. Arena Football League, OCSC Case No. 01CC08795 (Judge David R. Chaffee) (2002)
  • Balboa Island Village Inn v. Lemen, OCSC Case No. 01CC13243 (Judge Gerald G. Johnson) (2002)
  • Baldwin Building Company v. Smith, OCSC Case No.818707 (Judge Selim Franklin) (2001)
  • Three Arch Bay District v. City of Laguna Beach,OCSC Case No. 01CC15035 (Judge Thierry P. Colaw) (2006)
  • Compunet eBusiness Group v. Saeedi, OCSC Case No. 01CC12055 (Judge Richard Beacom) (2003)
  • United Partition Systems, Inc. v. H-Comm, Inc., OCSC Case No. 02CC15167 (Judge Gerald Johnson) (2004)
  • Crane, Inc. v. Jonatkim Enterprises, OCSC Case No. 02CC11056 (Judge Andrew P. Banks) (2004)
  • Woods v. Pleion Corporation, OCSC Case No. 772639 (Judge Thierry P. Colaw) (1998)
  • Rubenstein v. Scheibner, OCSC Case No. 30-2013-00681519 (Judge Geoffrey T. Glass) (2016)
  • Flood v. Vanefsky, OCSC Case No. 30-2008-00113565 (Judge Shiela B. Fell) (2009)
  • Dacus v. Clark, OCSC Case No. 30-2008 00102762 (Judge Franz E. Miller) (2009)
  • Gramont v. Dawson, OCSC Case. No. 30-2010-00334699 (Judge Kirk H. Nakamura) (2011)
  • Thynne v. Honarvar, OCSC Case No. 30-2018-01004421 (Judge Geoffrey T. Glass) (2019)
  • Toll v. Kieffer, OCSC Case No. 03CC13556 (Judge Gail Andler) (2005)

This list contains litigation cases Scott tried to judgment in courts other than Orange County Superior Court:

  • Monument National Bank v. Arena Football League, Kern County Case 235239 (Judge Roger D. Randall) (1999)
  • Estate of Joel B. Norris v. Marvine Norris, Jackson Circuit Court, Oregon, Case No. 03013P7 (Judge Mark Shively)
  • Hunt v. Stallions, Riverside, RCSC Case No. CIVRS1001175 (Judge Barry Plotkin) (2011)
  • Harrington v. Macaluso, San Diego, SDSC Case No. 37-2009000050019 (Judge William S. Dato) (2010)
  • Williams v. Stone Construction, Kern County Case No. 249387 (Judge Robert J. Anspach) (2004)
  • Thomas v. Community Lifeport Systems, Los Angeles, LASC Case No. B624457 (Judge Howard L. Halm) (2017)
  • Irvin v. Irvin, Los Angeles, LASC Case No. BC669629 (Jude Gail Killefer) (2022)

In addition, Scott has tried numerous jury trials in Carson City and Reno, Nevada.

Scott has been to Courts of Appeal over 20 times, and in 2006 he was privileged to have argued a precedent setting First Amendment case before the California Supreme Court, where he prevailed over Constitutional Law juggernaut Erwin Chemerinsky. Scott’s published decisions are:

  • Balboa Island Village Inn v. Lemen (2007) 40 Cal.4th 1141
  • Casella v. Southwest Dealer Services (2007) 121 Cal. App.4th 1127
  • Estate of Norris v. Norris (2005) Oregon Court of Appeals Case No. 03-013-P7
  • HH Computer Systems v. Pacific City Bank (2014) 231 Cal.App.4th  221
  • Carstarphen v. Milsner (2012) 128 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 5

Patented Technologies:

  • Cellular Communications including code division multiple access (CDMA)
  • Time division multiple access (TDMA) and forward error correction coding (FECC)
  • Automotive including vehicular Audio Systems and Tailgate Fairings
  • Medical devices including Laparoscopic, Endotracheal and Catheter related devices
  • Aerospace including Earth Launch and Exoatmospheric Vehicles and Propulson Systems, Satellite Recovery and Maintenance
  • Radio Antenna, Satellite and Hybrid Satellite-Earth Cellular Systems
  • Helicopter Rotor Assemblies
  • Television including Image Display Systems and 3-D Technology
  • Interactive Simulators
  • Plumbing tools
  • Firefighting Apparatus
  • Helicopter Rotor Seal Assemblies
  • Container Devices
  • Remote Inspection Devices
  • Analog and Digital signal and data compression
  • Radio Frequency signal noise measurement systems
  • Time Pieces
  • Meat Analyzers
  • Flight Simulators
  • Business and Advertising Techniques
  • Ergonomic Apparatus

J. Scott Russo

David Duckworth

  • J. Scott Russo

    john scott russo headshot business litigation

    Scott Russo is one of the most active business and real estate litigation attorneys in Orange County. After graduating from Loyola Law School in 1991, Scott amassed over 25 jury trials of the next four years as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego. He then moved to Orange County where he later became a partner in a prominent business and real estate law firm. In 2006, Scott co-founded Russo & Duckworth, LLP, in Irvine. Scott also co-founded King & Russo, Ltd. in Carson City, Nevada, where he became licensed in 1999.

    Scott’s practice revolves around contract and real estate disputes, representing business owners, employers, partners, property owners, brokers, and buyers and sellers of real estate. Scott is general counsel for three Orange County construction companies, is a licensed real estate broker, and a frequent speaker at the local real estate boards.

    Real estate brokers and agents from San Clemente to Newport Beach look to Scott for advice on brokerage issue and for their clients’ purchase and property disputes.

    As a trial attorney, Scott’s case evaluation and preparation is always forward thinking on the dispute being in front of a judge or jury. While he has tried cases throughout California and Nevada, the Orange County Superior Court has been Scott’s primary court.

  • David Duckworth

    david duckworth headshot business litigation

    David Duckworth specializes in intellectual property. His diverse law practice provides a broad range of intellectual property protection, including litigation and licensing, in all aspects of patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and unfair competition.

    David works primarily with technology start-ups, and has particularly enjoyed representing the proverbial “Davids” in litigation against the “Goliaths”, including having brought or defended clients in patent and trademark infringement lawsuits against Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Coca-Cola, among many others. His clients have licensed their technologies to Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Logitech, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony. In addition to litigation, David has filed domain name disputes within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), acted as an arbitrator in resolving patent infringement matters, and been retained as an expert witness in litigation to testify concerning patent prosecution matters.

    Prior to law school, David obtained his bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering specializing in electro-mechanical control systems. Thereafter, he worked for Hughes Aircraft as a spacecraft integrations engineer. David’s clients currently work in the fields of: spacecraft; cellular communications; aerospace fasteners; dialysis machines; computer peripherals; vehicular lighting; pet products; oil well drilling components; food packaging equipment; showerheads; and concrete compositions, among many others.

    In 2023, David obtained an M.B.A. from University of California Irvine. With his law and business background, David has been asked to be on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

    As the parent of a child with developmental disabilities, David dedicates much of his free time to charity work for children with special needs.

Awards and Organizations

For over 20 years, Scott has been peer rated AV Preeminent, the highest achievable peer rating for ethics and ability. He’s also a member of the elite Top 100 High Stakes Litigators for Southern California.

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